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Kelly's program is committed to helping thyroid patients find the care that they need.

What if I think I might have a thyroid condition?

The best place to start is your personal physician. Make sure that your doctor knows about your symptoms and your concern about possible thyroid disease. Often a simple blood test, the TSH level, can sort out whether your problems are due to a thyroid condition or something entirely different.

What if my doctor has diagnosed a thyroid condition and started treatment, but I don't yet feel better?

Make sure your doctor knows about your continuing symptoms and concerns. Once treatment has been started, it can sometimes take weeks or a few months for a patient to recover completely.

Some patients, diagnosed with a thyroid problem can be helped by an Endocrinologist that specializes in thyroid disease.

How can I find a thyroid specialist?

You may contact Endocrine Scheduling in the Outpatient Center, 601 N. Caroline Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21205, by calling 410-955-9270.

Individuals that are looking for an Endocrinologist close to their home should contact one of the following organizations:

American Thyroid Association


American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

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