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Mission: What Kelly's Program Offers

When a patient is diagnosed with a thyroid problem, it can affect every aspect of a person's life. Even though almost all thyroid conditions are curable, they can cause temporary difficulties and often require lifelong monitoring.

Kelly recalls how she felt, "In the beginning, I had no one to talk to and all these questions in my head: Is this something I have to deal with everyday? Am I ever going to feel well again? What about having children ?

Hoping to alleviate similar frustration in others, Kelly has set up a patient education program at Johns Hopkins where patients and families with concerns can receive information.

Listed below is a description of the variety of services Kelly's program offers.

  • Education pamphlets

    Many educational pamphlets are available upon request. These materials are written by health care professionals that specialize in thyroid disease. Since a variety of topics on thyroid dysfunction are available, let us know what topics are of interest to you. Below you will find a list of the brochures that are available by mail or through our patient education cabinets at The Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center.

    • Hypothyroidism
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Thyroid nodules
    • Thyroid and Pregnancy
    • Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
    • TSH Testing
    • Thyroid cancer
    • A Patient's Guide to Thyrogen
    • Thyroid Surgery
    • Minimally Invasive Parathyroid Surgery

    Our goal is to provide information to individuals so they may better understand their disease.

  • Library

    As an outreach to individuals desiring information about thyroid disease, the Kelly G. Ripken Program has established a library. It is open Monday - Friday from 8am to 5 pm. A variety of educational brochures are available along with some books and videos that may be borrowed. Just stop by, sign out the items you wish to borrow and return it in a month. We have selected a variety of authors on thyroid topics that are easy to read and will broaden you understanding.

    Patient education cabinet location:

    Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
    601 N. Caroline Street
    7th Floor Suite A
    Baltimore, MD 21205

  • Free thyroid testing
    A simple blood test, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) blood may diagnose a thyroid condition. This free test is available at two Baltimore locations and no appointment is necessary. Test results and their interpretation are mailed directly to the individual in 4-6 weeks.

    Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
    Express Testing Laboratory
    1st Floor
    601 N. Caroline Street
    Baltimore, MD 21205
    No appointment needed
    Monday-Friday 7 am-6 pm

    Johns Hopkins Laboratory
    Greenspring Station
    10755 Falls Road
    Pavillion 2 - Suite 105
    Lutherville, MD
    No appointment needed
    Monday-Friday 7 am-6 pm

  • Appointments
    An appointment with a thyroid specialist at Johns Hopkins may be made through the Endocrinology Scheduling Office, 410-955-9270.

  • Research Studies
    Individuals taking advantage of free TSH testing were invited to participate in a research study to evaluate the effect of hypothyroidism on cholesterol levels. This study has been completed and the results analyzed. Future studies are in the planning stages and will be posted on the web site.

Kelly wants her program to be a model for patient education and community awareness of thyroid conditions. "There are other dimensions to thyroid disease beyond how the treatments are working," Dr. Ladenson explains. "It concerns the anxiety you feel while getting over this.

The program emphasizes patient education. "We really like to learn what works best for the thyroid patients," Dr. Ladenson says, "because they should enjoy long, healthy lives as long as they understand how to control their disease."